Friday, December 5, 2014

Product spotlight for December

We are bringing out a new yeast for you. It is going to be a true WHISKEY TURBO YEAST.
We are going to start by selling bags for 6 gallon wash. We will also be carrying 5 pound boxes and 50 pound bags. This makes Whisky making much easier.  Hillbilly Stills is dedicated to bringing you new products as they come out. Please consider give it it a try. I think you will love it

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spooky Drink Preparation For Halloween

Halloween is a holiday when adults have as much fun as the kids. Although we may not be bobbing for apples or eating cider doughnuts off of strings, there are still plenty of ways to make your adult refreshments festive and spooky for Halloween. We have compiled a few of our favorites to give your party a little inspiration.

Pumpkin Punch bowl

Depending on the number of guests you are expecting for your party this Halloween, you will likely have to find a very large pumpkin. However, the preparation could not be easier! With a serrated knife, cut off the top fourth of the pumpkin. Scoop out the pulp and seeds with a large spoon, and thoroughly scrape the inside walls of the pumpkin. Then, either fill the pumpkin with a cider moonshine punch, or fill with ice, and leave bottles of your favorite beer inside to chill.

Bloody Shirley Temples

Turn your favorite childhood drink into a new Halloween staple that your guests will love by adding a few easy props. Purchase unused syringes from a local pharmacy, and fill with a combination of your favorite moonshine or vodka and grenadine. Fill glasses half way with Sprite, and prop the syringes against the sides of the glasses. Your guests can shoot their tasty mixture into their drink themselves! Refill the syringes if you are dying for seconds!

Pumpkin Keg

Anyone can serve their guests pumpkin beers. Instead, why not present everyone’s favorite fall-time beer in a homemade pumpkin keg? All you will need is a large pumpkin and a spigot. Draw a large circle with about a three inch radius around the stem of the pumpkin, and cut with a large carving knife at an angle. Carve out all of the insides of the pumpkin with a spoon, and scrape the sides clean. Cut a hole near the bottom of the pumpkin that is slightly smaller than the spigot, and insert it tightly. Fill the pumpkin with your favorite Oktoberfest brew and serve to your happy guests. Or, try making a fall festive punch with your own homemade moonshine.

Halloween Ice Trays

If you don’t have the time to transform a pumpkin into a perfect drink dispenser, you can easily give any beverage the Halloween spirit with some festive ice trays. Whether you favor a skull and crossbones or you want to get a little more grim with these brain shaped ice cube trays, the options are endless.

Halloween brings out the child in all of us, and it is the perfect excise to have a little more fun with your drink presentation. What is your favorite way to serve your home brew on Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Product spotlight for October

Here here you go, You have been asking for a full copper still and here it is. We bring you a 30 gallon copper pot that will accept our HS5500 Watt heating system that is world renowned by the way. It has an 8" man-way for cleaning and a 1.5 inch drain on the bottom. It comes with a stand so if you would like to use open flame heat then that is not problem either. All seams on the pot are TIG welded for a lifetime of service.. We can add any option you like to this kettle but there will be charges for added options. Your gonna love this ole girl
Make sure you select the no. of plates you would like. 
Many of our customers just rave about the craftsman ship of this system. It is all American Made right here in Ky.

  • You get
    1. 30 gallon all copper pot
    2. HS5500 Heating system
    3. Hillbilly Flute column

Calling All Preppers

To be properly Prepared for what ever catastrophe  that is going to hit our country you need to be able to make fuel and alcohol for medicine. You may also need an accessional drink to deal with what your facing.

SHTF Prepping

Why should distillation equipment be added to your prepper equipment checklist? Here are 3 excellent reasons, to name a few: distilled spirits, fuel alcohol, and antiseptic. These goods would be highly valuable during a SHTF event and can all be easily manufactured with simple, small-scale distillation equipment. As a bonus, all of these goods would be highly desirable in a barter economy.


Fuel is included on many, if not all survival prep lists. Here are a few things to keep in mind on this topic: first, that there are many types of fuel and the different types have different uses. Second, a good fuel strategy is one that provides fuel based on expected need as well as one that provides provisions for replenishment. We’ll address all of these issues below.
The two primary fuel categories are stationary and mobile. Here are examples to help clarify. Wood and coal are both stationary fuels and are appropriate for heating and cooking, in a set location. Gasoline and diesel are mobile fuels and are appropriate for powering mobile equipment such as a cars, motorcycles, and tractors.
Some fuels can be used as stationary and mobile fuels while others cannot be or at least should not be. For example, wood is great for heating and cooking but it’s useless as a mobile fuel. Gasoline, a mobile fuel, will power a small engine, but it’s not the best for cooking, and relying on it as a long term heating strategy would be very unwise considering the amount of fuel that one would need to keep on hand.
Finally, mobile fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene have limited shelf lives and will be subject to supply issues during instances of widespread infrastructure meltdowns.
Considering the abovementioned facts, one potential fuel supply strategy would involve a good stockpile of wood and relative close proximity to a source for more, as well as a renewable mobile fuel source. Because the mobile fuels listed above will be subject to supply limitations and producing them will be very difficult, if not impossible, we cannot recommend them. Natural gas and propane could also be used as mobile (and stationary fuels), but they’re subject to the same limitations as the others. Fortunately, there is a mobile fuel that is quite easy to produce, keeps well, and doubles as a mobile as well as a stationary fuel: alcohol.
To use alcohol as a fuel in a small engine, it must be 90% pure. This is an issue, albeit only a small one, as fuel alcohol produced by means of distillation maxes out at a purity of 95%. Re-distilling will not result in a higher proof product. To remove the last bit of water from the fuel, it must treated with a drying agent. Fortunately, corn grits actually work very well to accomplish this.
Fuel alcohol can be produced in any still but column stills are the most appropriate for this task, as they’re more efficient at making the high alcohol contented need for use in engines.  Though, considering that there are many uses for alcohol, all requiring different proofs, the best still for a prepare would be a  reflux still for fuel alcohol, or can be left empty for making whiskey, antiseptic, and distilled water. This tip of still can be very versitile.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Legalization of Home Distilling

There is still movement in the Legalizing of Home Distillation.  My son Matt is in contact weekly with senators and Representatives on this topic. He has Been to DC recently and met with some of our Senators.
 National Geographic is about to  produce a documentary on home distilling. Hopefully this will shed some light on our hobby distilling and help to get legalization moving forward. We don't know the date on the airing of this documentary.  We will post this when we find out.

Friday, August 29, 2014

100% Malt all grain wihiskey moonshing

Here is a recipe that is very good and I think most of you can do this at home.

I like to do this recipe 40 lbs (18kg) of malt at a time, for a couple reasons. 1) 15 gallons of strike water for mashing fits perfect in a half barrel (15.5g) keggle. 2) It gives 2 - 10 gallon runs, perfect for a half barrel still.
  I run it with 100% Red Wheat malt, but the recipe will work identically for a 100% Barley Malt AG whiskey.


14 gallons water (plus 8 gallons water at yeast pitch time)

1 gallon backset (I freeze 1/2 gallon in zip-lock bags for this purpose) 

4 tsp gypsum

40 pounds milled Wheat or Barley Malt

Mashing and Fermenting:

Bring the water (14g), backset and gypsum to 160 degrees F  (strike temp).
Put 20 lbs  milled malt in each of 2 20 gallon  fermenters, or all 40 lbs in a bigger barrel if you have a 30+ gallon barrel.
Stir in half the water into each fermenter (7.5g) Temp should settle at 148F Put the lids loosely on, and wrap the barrels up tight in blankets to hold the mash temp. Stir every 30 minutes.
After a couple hours remove the blankets and point a fan at the barrels, it helps cool them much faster to pitch temp.
When the temp is below 80F, add 4 more gallons water per barrel, and take a large spoon or mash paddle and whip the mash up to a froth to aerate it well.
Pitch your favorite yeast. We recommend PrestigeWhiskey pure with AG. (Ferment on the grain) This will ferment to .990 (Dry) and taste great.

 For a pot still after its done fermenting (1-2 weeks depending on temp)
Pull 5 gallons of the clear liquid off the top of each barrel, for a 10 gallon stripping run. (save and freeze the backset after distilling in zip-locks for next time. Combine the 2 stripping runs and do a slower spirit run.
Make your cuts to taste and age on oak as long as you can keep your hands off it.

Yield from 40 lbs  malt is about 2.6 gallons (10l) 60% (avg) before cuts. Do your cuts to your taste preference. You should get 1.4 gallons 67%, after cuts. 

We hope you like this and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

HBS Copper

We have started a new division of Hillbilly Stills.  The name of this division is HBS Copper. It is dedicated to all american made distillation equipment. We are building very heavy commercial copper stills in the range of 250 gallon and below. We are currently investigating adding steam heat to our  copper stills
 We are committed to bringing back american jobs to our community.  We can build anything the customer wants, from an old traditional pot still, to new technology columns stills. From Whiskey stills to Vodka stills, we can build it.
 We will be having product highlights coming soon. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our products.