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Can Your Moonshine Ever Go Bad?

If you are curious about moonshine and how to make it, you might be wondering if moonshine can go bad over time. The true answer to that question really depends on the type of moonshine you have, your distilling setup, your ability to safely store your batch, and how...

Is Moonshine Illegal?

If you are interested in making moonshine for personal or commercial use, you are likely wondering if this prospective hobby is legal or not. Learning the laws related to moonshine and home distilleries is a wise move that can keep you out of potential trouble when...

What is Moonshine Made of?

In many ways, moonshine is similar to all other types of alcohol you can buy at any liquor store; the distillation process can only happen in so many ways so the difference really come down to the type of mash and flavoring you intend to use. However, there are a few...