Father’s Day is almost here!


Dad’s are pretty great, am I right? They are always there when we need them.  Make sure you get dad the greatest gift all time with this gift guide. We made a list of awesome gift ideas for the Dad that loves moonshine.


1. A Coozie.  

One can never have too many of these bad boys laying around.


Get Dad one here!


2. A Caribbean Rum Bootleg Kit.  

Maybe if you’re lucky, dad will make you some delicious poolside cocktails all summer long if you get him this!

make your own amber caribbean rum distilling kit

Get Dad one here!


3. The Book, Modern Moonshine Techniques by Bill Owens.  

For the Dad who dreams of being the next Popcorn Sutton of our Time!

Modern Moonshine Techniques

Get Dad one here!

4. A 20 Gallon American Made, Copper Kettle.  

For the dad who dreams of starting his own distillery.


Get Dad one here!


5, Or Maybe a 30 Gallon Cedar Wrapped, Copper Kettle.  

For the dad who deserves the best of the best!

cedar wrapped moonshine still

Get Dad one here!


6. 50 Pounds of the Copper King’s Kentucky Whiskey.

For the dad who likes to stock up on yeast.

whisky yeast copper king kentucky

Get Dad one here!


7. A Table Top Home Distiller.  

This is an awesome gift for the dad on the go!

SpiritMaker Home Distiller

Get Dad one here!


8. A grain guard.  

For the dad that wants to distil on the grain and prevent any burning.

Grain Gaurd 6R

Get Dad one here!


9. A Complete test set with a hydrometer, alcohol meter, and glass test jar.

For the dad that that wants to concoct the perfect batch of moonshine.



Get Dad one here!


10. And finally a gift certificate.

For those of you that want to let dad have a little fun shopping for his favorite hobby.


Get Dad one here!

We are thankful for all the dads that have made us who we are today.  We hope all you awesome Dad’s out there have a wonderful Father’s Day!  Get out there and enjoy it with your family and friends!