Hey guys, sorry its been awhile. We have been so blessed and so busy its hard to squeeze everything in sometimes. I’m in Florida right now setting up a still for Indian River State College to test different grain strains and ways to make ethanol.

Its really cool what they’re doing down here, they have an entire department dedicated to alternative energy sources,really a nice school. They have also learned that here in Florida, since they are a Class 1 (I think that’s right) Research Facility they can get a permit to teach distilling of spirits and sell them! Tax Free!!!!! So if your a professor in a college its defiantly something to investigate, the interest is definitively there. But I was wondering how you guys think it would do? Having a home distillery class in a college? Let me know.

This is totally nothing more than my curiosity of what you guys think. I mean, you cant make a good spirit without tasting it, and you are talking about a college setting, meaning kids under 21 being involved. Looks like it could possibly be a headache, the flip side though is probably classes packed with students eager to learn about moonshine stills. I think it would do very well, even if you had to be 21 to take the class. I don’t know, let me know what you think. See ya next time!!

ADI Conference 2012

Hey guys, this is Matt and this is my first ever blog, I have no clue what I’m doing so I’m going to type! We just returned from the ADI Conference in Louisville KY and I must say it was very impressive and we had a great time! We got to meet some awesome people and even some of our customers! So nice to put a face to the names of people we talk to on the phone. We were humbled, to say the least, at the interest that was expressed in our products!

We put a lot of time and pride into our work and it’s something we are very proud of, but man, we had no idea how much everyone else liked it too. We were flattered!! We listened to the people we got to talk to and have come home and got right to work on some very exciting new products. I can’t tell you about them yet, although I’m about to bust a gut too, but I hope to soon.

We have set ourselves a goal to have them ready to debut for sale at the ADI Conference 2013. I will give a hint though, it involves a larger distillation column with some added function-ability, a much larger kettle, and a brand new heating system (not electric).

Well that’s all for now but I’ll be back soon, as I am now the new blogger guy for Hillbilly Stills!