How to Distill at Home for Cheap

How to Distill at Home for Cheap

At Hillbilly Stills, we encourage all levels of experience to try their hand at distilling. To that end we have put together moonshine still kits perfect for distillers at every level. If you are thinking about making moonshine at home and don’t want to spend a lot of money on this experiment, our starter level kits are ideal for learning how to distill.  And for those who have more knowledge and looking to seriously make moonshine at home for a hobby, our advanced kits are just right for you.

Hillbilly Stills offers alcohol distilling starter kits that are great for those who are new to home distilling. Our 8 gallon copper moonshine still kit with burner is a great way to save money while distilling at home. This copper still is one of our most popular moonshine stills. Included in this kit are an 8 gallon mash pot with a domed lid, a 2 inch copper pot still head, a Bayou classic burner, 2 bags of Hillbilly Stills turbo yeast, a hose kit and, last but not least – instructions! This kit is easy to set up and easy to use and great starter kit of first time users.  At little over $500, this copper moonshine kit is an incredible deal for home distilling. If you already have a heat source you can save some money and get the 8 gallon copper moonshine still kit without the burner.

We recommend this kit to our beginner distillers because purchasing pre-made kits from knowledgeable companies is the best home distilling money saving tip that there is. If you were to purchase each individual item separately, the total price would be dramatically higher. Not only are you saving time and hassle by buying everything together at the same time, but it is a great money saver as well.

8 gallon copper moonshine still kit with burner from Hillbilly Stills

For advanced users who are ready to move to bigger things, we recommend our 13 gallon moonshine still with the Hillbilly Flute.  This kit comes with our popular Hillbilly Flute distilling column, designed using the same principles as commercial distilling columns but made to fit home distilling equipment. The kit also includes a 13 gallon mash pot, HS5500 phase angle heat controller, 5500W element kit with installation plate, tri-clamp and sight glass tools. It also includes a special DVD with instructions on how to operate the Hillbilly Flute. Popular among micro-distilleries, this copper still kit is known to make the best moonshine. You can also make whiskey, rum or vodka if you have the necessary permits. Thought not cheap, the popularity of this kit speaks for itself. 

We believe that home distilling is a craft that requires passion and skill, and it is a fun way to pass the time. There are many ways that home distilling can break the bank, but these kits available at Hillbilly Stills allow you to perfect your craft and distill at home on the cheap. The outcome will be exceptional and the experience is one that you will want to recreate in the future. Hillbilly Stills distilling kits are the way to go, offering the best in pricing, quality and selection.