Bayou Classic Deep Fryer, 2.5 GallonsWith 2.5 gallons of oil, you can cook a whole lot of fish! The Bayou Stainless Steel Deep Fryer has a unique shape with a “V” bottom, which keeps the oil rolling. This allows the cleanest oil to circulate around your food and makes the cooking almost foolproof. It is also economical, as the same oil will last much longer. You will save on propane due to an optimal heat distribution, and the cooler oil down in the “V” will keep the oil from overheating and scorching. With this deep fryer, blooming onions will be tastier than ever and your family will be clamoring for more.

The fryer unit comes with one stainless steel basket featuring a cool-touch handle, a thermometer, drain valve, high-pressure regulator, and stainless steel braided hose. Made for durability and functionality, the Bayou Deep Fryer is a well thought out design and had a soft sound unlike other fryers. There are two leg styles to choose from. If you choose table-top version, you will find it easily portable. Or you can choose the free-standing unit which is almost 33” high, and will be a proud addition to any patio, but still easy to move around.

Outdoor cooking is more than a fad; it is a way of life. It is a luxury available to anyone with an outdoor space. Who wants to cook in an overheated kitchen, with trapped smells and mess? Bring the deep fryer outside and enjoy the cool breeze and birdsong. Throw in some potato wedges with chicken pieces and some battered veggies, and you’ll have a tasty meal soon. The wonderful smell may bring in the neighbors, so make extra. You can be assured because of their reputation for quality equipment and great customer service, Hillbilly Stills will continue to bring innovative outdoor cooking items to the people who love them best. If you need a larger capacity unit, check out the 4 gallon-2 basket units, or the 9 gallon-3 basket units. Hillbilly Stills believes the Bayou Classic line of Deep Fryers is the only line of fryers on the market today that meets their high standards.