10 Gift Ideas for the Dad who loves moonshine

10 Gift Ideas for the Dad who loves moonshine

Father’s Day is almost here!


Dad’s are pretty great, am I right? They are always there when we need them.  Make sure you get dad the greatest gift all time with this gift guide. We made a list of awesome gift ideas for the Dad that loves moonshine.


1. A Coozie.  

One can never have too many of these bad boys laying around.


Get Dad one here!


2. A Caribbean Rum Bootleg Kit.  

Maybe if you’re lucky, dad will make you some delicious poolside cocktails all summer long if you get him this!

make your own amber caribbean rum distilling kit

Get Dad one here!


3. The Book, Modern Moonshine Techniques by Bill Owens.  

For the Dad who dreams of being the next Popcorn Sutton of our Time!

Modern Moonshine Techniques

Get Dad one here!

4. A 20 Gallon American Made, Copper Kettle.  

For the dad who dreams of starting his own distillery.


Get Dad one here!


5, Or Maybe a 30 Gallon Cedar Wrapped, Copper Kettle.  

For the dad who deserves the best of the best!

cedar wrapped moonshine still

Get Dad one here!


6. 50 Pounds of the Copper King’s Kentucky Whiskey.

For the dad who likes to stock up on yeast.

whisky yeast copper king kentucky

Get Dad one here!


7. A Table Top Home Distiller.  

This is an awesome gift for the dad on the go!

SpiritMaker Home Distiller

Get Dad one here!


8. A grain guard.  

For the dad that wants to distil on the grain and prevent any burning.

Grain Gaurd 6R

Get Dad one here!


9. A Complete test set with a hydrometer, alcohol meter, and glass test jar.

For the dad that that wants to concoct the perfect batch of moonshine.



Get Dad one here!


10. And finally a gift certificate.

For those of you that want to let dad have a little fun shopping for his favorite hobby.


Get Dad one here!

We are thankful for all the dads that have made us who we are today.  We hope all you awesome Dad’s out there have a wonderful Father’s Day!  Get out there and enjoy it with your family and friends!



10 Gifts For The Moonshine Lover On Your List

10 Gifts For The Moonshine Lover On Your List

Give The Gift Of Moonshine This Holiday

We all have that one family member who get can’t enough moonshine. Maybe that family member is you.  Either way, it’s time to sit back take notes.  We have gathered a list of the top 10 gifts for the moonshine lover on your list.  If you stick to this list we promise they won’t re-gift!


1.The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshine, How To Make And Drink Whiskey


First things first. When it comes to making whiskey you gotta start with a guide.  Get yours here.

2.  Mark’s Bourbon Bootleg Kit


Because everyone needs a little, or maybe a lot of bourbon in their stash.

BONUS- bragging rights because you made it yourself. Get yours here.

3.  Hillbilly Flute 13 Gallon Micro Kit with HS5500 Kit


You can make some of the best moonshine with this home system.  Get ready for some whiskey, vodka or rum. Get yours here.

4. Moonshine Cologne


This cologne is for the real man’s man.  Ladies take note for the gentleman in your life.  Get yours here.

5. Cedar Wrapped All Copper Moonshine Still With Flute and Heating System

cedar wrapped moonshine still

This if for the one ready to step their game up. Your gonna love this ole girl.  She’s all American Made. Get yours here.

6. 10-Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle Set


The most popular and trusted brand has brought their A-Game with this. This Bayou Classic set is the best new Home Brew Kit on the market. Get yours here.

7. The Copper King’s Kentucky Whiskey


This is a favorite across the United States.  It is the recipe of the Kentucky Shiner himself (AKA THE COPPER KING). Get yours here.

8. 20 Gallon All Copper Kettle


Ready to step your craft game up eh?  This is just the guy for you.  Handcrafted right here in the United States. Get yours here.

9. Hillbilly Stills Coozie


Maybe you want to show off your love of moonshine even if you’re just drinkin’ a beer or sodie.  This would look good in a stocking (HINT HINT). Get yours here.

10. Hillbilly Stills Gift Certificate


And if you still don’t know what to get you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate from your friends at Hillbilly Stills. Get yours here.


Have a Merry Christmas Y’all!  Cheers!


Whiskey – Your Hobby Distilling Habit is Healthy

Whiskey – Your Hobby Distilling Habit is Healthy

Health Benefits of Whiskey

When you hear the word “whiskey” many images may come to your mind: dirty cowboys around a campfire, the country girl who wouldn’t be caught dead with a margarita, or your grandfather who likes to drink it neat and talk about the good ol’ days. I’m pretty certain, however, that whiskey doesn’t make you think of health or wellness. But it should!

There are many health benefits of whiskey but I know you don’t want to read a book about them (or maybe you do, in which case there are probably many books out there that you can buy). So, I will cover 5 health benefits that I think are pretty cool.

Whiskey your hobby distilling habit is healthy1. It lengthens your lifespan.

Whiskey is chocked full of antioxidants that help fight disease and in turn helps you live longer.

2. It helps keep the pounds off.

That’s right! Thanks to the low sugar content, whiskey is a much better choice than beer, wine or cocktails when it comes to calories.

3. It helps boost memory

Have you heard the saying, “drink to forget”? Well, that isn’t the case with whiskey.  The antioxidants in whiskey and its circulation-increasing effects work together to actually improve your memory.

4. It helps fight stress.

When come home from a hard day at work and just wanted a drink did you know there is some science to that?  Whiskey increases circulation which provides your organs with much needed oxygenated blood, calming those fried nerves.

5. It helps prevent cancer.

Whiskey has a very high level of ellagic acid, one of the most powerful antioxidant compounds. This powerful antioxidant makes whiskey a great step in preventing cancer.

Now when your neighbor is showing off his new home gym and juicer, show him your Hillbilly  Stills hobby distillery. Tell him you’re being healthy and having a lot more fun!

All of these benefits are based on light to moderate drinking of whiskey.  Alcoholism and binge drinking bring about many health issues that far outweigh the benefits.  Always drink responsibly!

Moonshine Gift Guide: Gifts for the Distilling Dad

Moonshine Gift Guide: Gifts for the Distilling Dad

If you’ve got a distilling dad we’ve got the Father’s Day presents that will show him how much you really care. Hillbilly Stills specializes in all things moonshine and DIY distilling. We have everything from instructions for beginners to complete, professional-grade still setups for the guys who have been doing it for years. Here’s a look at our top five gift picks for Father’s Day 2014.

LIQUOR QUIK™ Tabletop Distiller

Does your dad love spirit making, but doesn’t like to wait? Is he too tight on space to get a big still? Would he like to make moonshine on the go when he travels? In less than an hour he can get 60-65% ABV ethanol with the LIQUOR QUIK™ SpiritMaker™. This alcohol distiller is the size of a small coffee pot and is capable of producing 1.5L of premium spirits just about anywhere.

Alcohol Meter Hydrometer Set with Plastic Test Jar

When it comes to making moonshine, you’ve got to get your measurements right. Our Alcohol Meter Hydrometer Set is an inexpensive gift that could help your dad improve his batches by ensuring that alcohol content calculations are correct and fermentation readings are accurate. If dad doesn’t have these tools or could use a spare set, this is the gift to go with.

8 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still Kit with Burner

If your dad is ready to start making bigger batches of moonshine or whiskey, our popular 8 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still Kit with Burner is a perfect step up from a 3 gallon still. The kit contains everything your dad needs to get going right down to the hoses and yeast. The still is easy to use and includes a handy instructional manual. Distilling dads are sure to have fun on Father’s Day putting it all together.

Brass 2” Sight Glass

A sight glass will give dad a window into the fermentation process so he can see the reflux in action. Our Brass 2” Sight Glass is a high-quality accessory made of copper, brass, and thick tempered glass that is designed to provide flexibility when adding it to your still.

8 Gallon Mash Pot with Domed Lid and Fitting for Electrical Element

Making mash never looked so good when you have a Hillbilly Stills mirror polished mash pot. The 8 Gallon Mash Pot with Domed Lid and Fitting for Electrical Element is as functional as it is attractive. The fitting at the bottom allows you to drain from the pot or add an electrical element, and with the fitting at the top you can attach your column to the pot.

Can’t figure out which of these gifts to give? Then get dad a Hillbilly Stills gift certificate. That way he can have fun on Father’s Day picking out the tools he needs to keep on shining!

5 DIY Gifts with Moonshine

5 DIY Gifts with Moonshine

moonshineMoonshiners are the original outlaws of the DIY world. We’re capable of creating distillation spaces, putting together stills, and crafting tasty white lightening with little more than corn, sugar, and yeast. Coming up with a few unique DIY gifts is a piece of cake – you could even make the cake with moonshine.  Below is a list of moonshine recipes and ideas for alcohol gift baskets.

Moonshine BBQ Sauce

Nothing goes better with moonshine than some savory smoked and grilled meats. So why not add a little white lightening to the BBQ sauce? For ages, sauce makers have slipped a little hooch in as a secret ingredient, and now moonshine is one of the more popular options for adding some kick to the ‘cue.

It doesn’t take much before the moonshine overrides the other flavors, so be very conservative by adding just about an ounce or two to a gallon of sauce that’s already been cooked or a half cup prior to cooking the sauce. Keep in mind that if you add the liquor after cooking up the sauce, it will retain its potency.

Moonshiners may be known to fly under the radar, but white lightening BBQ sauce is sure to get attention for its robust taste.

Moonshine Blueberry Pops

Gift recipients can cool off with a delicious moonshine infused treat when you mix up a few white lightening blueberry pops. It’s one of the best DIY alcohol gifts for Memorial Day, July Fourth, or Labor Day parties.

All you have to do is:

  • Whip up some simple syrup by combining five ounces of sugar cane and five ounces of water in a pan over medium-high heat. Stir continuously until the sugar completely dissolves. Turn the heat off and let the syrup cool. You should have about 6 ounces.
  • Get about five cups of blueberries and remove any stems before pureeing them. You can do this with a food processor for the smoothest puree or just mash them up by hand real well. This should leave you with about 18 ounces of blueberry puree.
  • Cut yourself up some lemons and squeeze out about an ounce of juice.
  • Pour the puree into a large measuring bowl or cup with a spout. Next, slowly add in the simple syrup and lemon juice until you reach the ideal level of sweetness. (Keep in mind that blueberries may get sweeter after they freeze.)
  • Time to add the ‘shine! Pour about three ounces of moonshine into the mixture and stir it all up.
  • Pour the moonshine mix into popsicle molds leaving a little room at the top. Stick in your sticks then put the tray in the freezer and in about four or five hours you’ll have a delicious DIY moonshine gift.

Mason Jar Wine Glasses

Redneck wine glasses, as they are often referred to, are a great way to incorporate traditional moonshining style into enjoying other refreshments. All you need is:

  • Mason jars (2-6 recommended)
  • Glass candlesticks (2-6 recommended)
  • Epoxy
  • Sandpaper

The process:

  • Use the sand paper to scuff up the rim of the candlesticks so it adheres better. Wash and dry the candlesticks after the sanding so dust doesn’t get in the way.
  • One at a time, flip the mason jars upside down and put a fair amount of epoxy on the bottom of the jar. Carefully place the candlestick on the bottom of the jar and press the two pieces of glass together for the recommended amount of time.
  • Let the jars sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours before wrapping them up.

A Moonshine Watermelon

Watermelons are a sweet staple of summer get-togethers, and this one will make the party even more fun! Better yet is that it’s really simple to make if you already have the moonshine.

Just cut a hole with a 2-3 inch diameter in the top of the watermelon and keep the piece you cut out. Slowly pour in a cup or so of moonshine. Put the cut out piece back in place and clear a space in the fridge for the watermelon to chill for 24 hours.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Have a baking enthusiast on your gift list? A high-content alcohol like moonshine is the perfect base for homemade vanilla extract. All you need is the ‘shine and vanilla beans for this concoction, but there will be a long “fermentation” process, so now is the perfect time to start your extract for Christmas.

All you have to do is get yourself some vanilla beans (we suggest Madagascar or Mexican bean, which can be ordered online) and bottle up some of your moonshine.  Add several bean pods to begin with and let it sit. Keep adding beans every now and then and in about six months you should have some awesome extract to share with friends and family. For an added touch of class, pour the extract into a mason jar or other decorative bottle and top it off with a bow.