Distilling Trade Shows 2016

Distilling Trade Shows 2016

Hey, Ya’ll!  It’s been extra busy around here at Hillbilly Stills preparing for and attending all the craft distilling trade shows.  Our team has been hard at it welding and packing equipment up. We had a great time and Louisville and we are looking forward to the next. We just wanted to take a moment to remind you about a few that are coming up and invite you to come out and see all the neat distilling equipment we will have set up! Our team will be out and ready to talk to you about the latest and greatest in distilling equipment and have a little fun too!

We will be attending a show in St. Charles, Missouri this year February 3-5th.  This would be a good Valentine’s Day trip for you and your hunny! You can pick up a surprise gift as well!

Did we mention you can get FREE trade show passes?

Click the link below to get yours today!

To redeem:
1. Visit: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=145699&
2. Enter TRADECOMP on the first page of the registration form under your email address.
3. At the agenda/sessions page, select ‘Trade show only’.

We will be attending a show in Asheville, North Carolina this year February 10-12th. This is just in time for you to run out and pick up a gift for your sweetie and be back home for Valentine’s Day! (AKA out of the dog house!)

Did we mention you can get FREE trade show passes?

Click the link below to get yours today!

To redeem:
1. Visit: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=144341&
2. At the agenda/sessions page, select ‘Trade show only’.
Let me tell ya, these shows are a distillers paradise.  So make sure you make plans to check them out!  We would love to have ya stop by and visit our booth!
We can’t wait to see ya there!

HBS Copper

We have started a new division of Hillbilly Stills.  The name of this division is HBS Copper. It is dedicated to all american made distillation equipment. We are building very heavy commercial copper stills in the range of 250 gallon and below. We are currently investigating adding steam heat to our  copper stills
 We are committed to bringing back american jobs to our community.  We can build anything the customer wants, from an old traditional pot still, to new technology columns stills. From Whiskey stills to Vodka stills, we can build it.
 We will be having product highlights coming soon. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our products.

Craft Distilling Academy

Hey everybody. We have a new Academy now for learning more about this hobby / micro distiller .
Wheather your opening a micro Distillery or your just wanting to learn the craft check out this link.


Craft Distilling Academy’s Workshop’s are designed to offer practical and relevant information to develop your understanding into a passion. The purpose of our class is to inform you of distilling process for personal information. Our instructors are all veterans of the Artisan Distilling Industry and ready to pass on and share their knowledge. 

What should you expect to learn at one of CDA’s workshops? Take a look below for a detailed list of topics to be covered. 

Each Student will Receive:
– Personalized Binder with all the covered information for future reference
– CD with printable forms for mash and recipe development
– Light Breakfast
– Full catered Lunch
– Diploma certifying you are a “Distilling Craftsman”
– Free 1 year VIP Membership to www.nanodistiller.org
– Discounts for future classes
– Discounts for friends and family

195 Proof

Some folks say it can’t be done but here at Hillbilly Stills we have. We have just finished a 6″ inch 10 Plate still for a customer with an apple orchard. He is wanting to make an apple vodka type product. We ran this distilling column on a 60 gallon brew kettle with 50 gallons of wash. We were able to produce 6 gallons of product at 96% ABV or 192 proof. To say the least we are very please as is our customer. Here is a very short video featuring the distillation column. Note this column was not cleaned up and ready for shipping. This was a test run. It will be cleaned and polished before being crated and shipped.

Craft Distillery

Hey everybody, Mike Here. I was in Branson Mo. on some business this weekend and stopped by Copper Run Distillery. They owner Jim Blansit was great. He and I discussed ideas on kettles and home distilling techniques for quite some time. I think we came up with a plan for a new kettle. We will have to wait and see how the ideas work out. I was in the area talking to Custom-Metal Craft about making some 250 – 500 kettles for us with a steam jacket and ASME certified for low pressure steam. We want quality kettles made in the USA and I think were getting close to working this out.

While touring their plant the plant manager was telling me about a small Distiller that is already doing the same thing I was talking to him about.It was Copper Run Distillery. We stopped by and when I introduced myself Jim and I hit it off very fast. He has a world of knowledge about distilling and Mashing grain. He is doing a full flavored Corn liquor that is great.

Check out there website if you get a chance.

Breckenridge Distillery

Hey ya’ll, its Matt again. Thought I’d tell ya’ll about my recent trip to Breckenridge Colorado for a distilling class put on by the ADI. I tell ya its a little pricey at $3500 per attendee but it’s money well spent if you have any interest in opening a craft distillery. We covered everything from making a malted grain wash to stripping runs, spirit run, blending and proofing, barreling and bottling. That was about half the class the other half covered marketing, business plans, labeling, branding, dealing with the TTB and still designs and options.

I must admit I was a little leery going, it was a lot of money to not know what I was getting for sure. But after attending I see now it is a must before making the final decision to proceed with opening a craft distillery. Jordan and Brian (the master distiller and the owner) were more than helpful and answered any question completely, even my stupid questions. Aside from the class I was lucky enough to meet some of the guys from “Deadliest Catch”! They were there filming in a restaurant called “The Whales Tale” for the “After the Catch” series, it was awesome!

My first day there I was hanging out the president of ADI and the guys from the distillery and I was able to go into the roped off areas while they were filming an out house race between “Breckenridge Distillery” and the “Deadliest Catch” captains! Yep that’s right, an out house race! It was a rare opportunity to meet some of the guys I watch every week doing a job I would never even consider. The best part is, they truly are just regular guys, I stood outside a restaurant and talked with Edgar Hanson for about 10 minutes or so and he talked to me like he knew me from way back. Very cool, dad and the guys at the shop were very jealous! Hehehe.

But back to the distilling class. We were using a 550 gallon, 3-plate column build by Vendome out of Louisville KY and I must say wow! The workmanship is amazing, I’ve seen many of their stills before and every time I am amazed. We do just as good of work, only theirs is 5 times the size and dealing with that thickness of copper is not easy. Of course a company that has done it for 100 years has it down pat. Listen though folks, if you are serious about opening a distillery you must attend one of these classes, some there decided it was for sure what they wanted to do and some didn’t even come back the last day. You are facing a monster, a defeat-able monster, but a monster just the same, and the class really opens your eyes to what you are facing.

Even if you don’t make the class, go out and do your research, talk to guys in the industry and really feel it out. Mostly all professional distillers are willing to talk to you and give you advice, it is a very friendly industry that is willing to help you through the hurdles. One thing I learned though, a lawyer is a must to guide you through and protect you. The TTB is not playing around and they are very serious about their tax money. Good guys, but don’t mess up cause once you apply for your DSPs they watching you constantly. But from what I understood talking with the distillers, is that like bees, don’t poke em and they will leave you alone.

However, one caught mistake and they are walking through the front door digging deep on everything. With out rambling any more, here’s the moral of the story: Do your homework, you’re facing a monster. Can you beat it? Defiantly! But know what your getting into! Also have a stellar business plan and attack approach. Do these things and your in an amazing industry that is packed full of interesting people, interesting ideas and a job that you will love! Good luck and Happy distilling folks!!!!