Hey everybody. We have a new Academy now for learning more about this hobby / micro distiller .
Wheather your opening a micro Distillery or your just wanting to learn the craft check out this link.


Craft Distilling Academy’s Workshop’s are designed to offer practical and relevant information to develop your understanding into a passion. The purpose of our class is to inform you of distilling process for personal information. Our instructors are all veterans of the Artisan Distilling Industry and ready to pass on and share their knowledge. 

What should you expect to learn at one of CDA’s workshops? Take a look below for a detailed list of topics to be covered. 

Each Student will Receive:
– Personalized Binder with all the covered information for future reference
– CD with printable forms for mash and recipe development
– Light Breakfast
– Full catered Lunch
– Diploma certifying you are a “Distilling Craftsman”
– Free 1 year VIP Membership to www.nanodistiller.org
– Discounts for future classes
– Discounts for friends and family