If you’ve got a distilling dad we’ve got the Father’s Day presents that will show him how much you really care. Hillbilly Stills specializes in all things moonshine and DIY distilling. We have everything from instructions for beginners to complete, professional-grade still setups for the guys who have been doing it for years. Here’s a look at our top five gift picks for Father’s Day 2014.

LIQUOR QUIK™ Tabletop Distiller

Does your dad love spirit making, but doesn’t like to wait? Is he too tight on space to get a big still? Would he like to make moonshine on the go when he travels? In less than an hour he can get 60-65% ABV ethanol with the LIQUOR QUIK™ SpiritMaker™. This alcohol distiller is the size of a small coffee pot and is capable of producing 1.5L of premium spirits just about anywhere.

Alcohol Meter Hydrometer Set with Plastic Test Jar

When it comes to making moonshine, you’ve got to get your measurements right. Our Alcohol Meter Hydrometer Set is an inexpensive gift that could help your dad improve his batches by ensuring that alcohol content calculations are correct and fermentation readings are accurate. If dad doesn’t have these tools or could use a spare set, this is the gift to go with.

8 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still Kit with Burner

If your dad is ready to start making bigger batches of moonshine or whiskey, our popular 8 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still Kit with Burner is a perfect step up from a 3 gallon still. The kit contains everything your dad needs to get going right down to the hoses and yeast. The still is easy to use and includes a handy instructional manual. Distilling dads are sure to have fun on Father’s Day putting it all together.

Brass 2” Sight Glass

A sight glass will give dad a window into the fermentation process so he can see the reflux in action. Our Brass 2” Sight Glass is a high-quality accessory made of copper, brass, and thick tempered glass that is designed to provide flexibility when adding it to your still.

8 Gallon Mash Pot with Domed Lid and Fitting for Electrical Element

Making mash never looked so good when you have a Hillbilly Stills mirror polished mash pot. The 8 Gallon Mash Pot with Domed Lid and Fitting for Electrical Element is as functional as it is attractive. The fitting at the bottom allows you to drain from the pot or add an electrical element, and with the fitting at the top you can attach your column to the pot.

Can’t figure out which of these gifts to give? Then get dad a Hillbilly Stills gift certificate. That way he can have fun on Father’s Day picking out the tools he needs to keep on shining!