I would like to take a min to share with everyone that we now have a new look here at Hillbilly Stills. We invite you to come and take a look around our new store. We will soon be having new photos and hopefully some new videos.

Our product highlight for this month is the all copper 30 gallon system.

All 'Copper 30 Gallon Still

Product Description

Here here you go, You have been asking for a full copper still and here it is. We bring you a 30 gallon copper pot that will accept our HS5500 Watt heating system that is world renowned by the way. It has an 8″ man-way for cleaning and a 2.0 inch drain on the bottom. It comes with Legs built into the kettle so if you would like to use open flame heat then that is not problem either. We can do this same system in all copper. The one pictured is coverd in wood for insulation, and appearance All seams on the pot are TIG welded for a lifetime of service..
We can add any option you like to this kettle but there will be charges for added options.
Your gonna love this ole girl
Make sure you select the no. of plates you would like.