Humans have utilized fermentation since the Neolithic age, making alcohol production and consumption some of the oldest human practices still alive today.  Nowadays, we have it much easier, and if there was ever a prime time to be a human who practices the science of zymology, that time is now. 

With the Hillbilly Stills 50 gallon stainless steel fermenter, you get 50 gallons worth of portable, reliable fermenting power that would make your Neolithic ancestors green with envy.  Made with 1.4mm 304 stainless steel, this distilling fermenter is a durable and affordable option for both professional and home distillers. 

Aside from its reliable construction, this fermenter for distilling your favorite spirits also comes equipped with sturdy legs and wheels, making it easy for one person to move if necessary.  Best of all, our fermenter won’t roll away when you aren’t looking thanks to the included wheel locks. 

Like all of our distilling equipment, each one of our 50 gallon stainless steel fermenters is hand-built by us, right here in the U.S.A.   When quality and affordability are what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of the gear manufactured by Hillbilly Stills.

About the Author:  At Hillbilly Stills, we live to distill, we distill to drink, and we drink to live.  Summon your inner bootlegger today by visiting and find everything you need for DIY distilling for a great price, all in one place.